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Effect of Gluten rich grain on Type 2 Diabetes

Though I don't write often on this topic, believe me , readers, I keep writing them in my head. I understand , how my fellow travellers with type 2 Diabetes , want to cope and live and enjoy life without the harmful blood glucose level rising.

In my rush for collecting as much information from the Internet, I have bookmarked scores of links which need to be read, sorted and linked. I read a lot, understood some, followed a few.

Out of this sea of information, I had stumbled upon I subscribe to the newsletter and get lots of information . One such useful link is about gluten free foods.

I am sure many of you are aware of this problem stuff found in most grains, mainly in wheat. Now wheat is consumed a lot in India too, though rice plays a major part. When we are sharing our problem of Type 2 diabetes, general advice from our social circles is " Don't eat rice, eat Chapatis". Many of them also declare triumphantly that they eat only chapatis.

Courtesy Google

My experiment with monitoring blood glucose , led me to the conclusion that for me rice or chapati or many of the grains are not helpful at all. they only raised my Blood glucose levels alarmingly and gave me dire warnings to behave. I stopped consuming most of the grains, and found that it helped.

                            courtesy Google This link lists the foods that might have gluten. Have a look.

Therefore , I would like to share this link for the benefit of understanding what this is all about.Please share your observations on the topic for the benefit of fellow sufferers.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tilling the Earthwoman: Friday Thoughts: Flowerman of Rourkela

A man, a love, a private mission, how some men choose to love nature:... Read on from my friend's blog..

Tilling the Earthwoman: Friday Thoughts: Flowerman of Rourkela: You may wonder what is so special about this photograph--just a bunch of trees. Well, true except all these trees were grown by a single m...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I laugh, I write: In The Name Of Religion, Culture, And Crap

A young Indian and his rage against the unfair practices.

I laugh, I write: In The Name Of Religion, Culture, And Crap: I live in East Delhi, close to a naala, and there’s nothing to hide about that fact. That naala is apparently some tributary of a river...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

To burst or not is the question -Diwali

I received a mail from Girigaru,  member of a social service group,  which prompted this post.

Girigaru was kind enough to permit me to use his mail here

"1. Do we know why do we fire crackers on Diwali? If we really have to fire crackers, what kind and why those kind? Or do we just have to light lamps (deepams)? Have the crackers become replacement for deepams?
2. Why is Diwali celebrated next day after Naraka Chaturdhashi?
3. What is the association of Goddess Lakshmi on the day? It looks we are rather making her scared with a Bomb named after her in our homes (Lakshmi Bomb)! There is a saying that with all the lights and deepams we welcome Goddess Lakshmi comes to our homes during Diwali (Deepavali). If so why do we need to make so much noises and fires with less light. I am sure Deepams are lit with more light and for long time than any other crackers we fire. Don't you all agree? But why do we still fall behind the crackers, which not only do lot of pollution (environment and sound).
4. Last but not the least, are we not encouraging the child labor (children still getting paid Rs. 40 a day) at Siva Kasi, major fire works manufacturer, which is still also a most fire accident prone place and the children suffer with all kind of skin and lung diseases after breathing in chemicals which were used for making those crackers (phohsporus, sulphur and what not).

Without know answers to all those, is it really making sense to do things what we are still doing during these festivals? I am not saying we should not to what we are doing, but I think we should find the answers to all these questions and make sure we do not harm ourselves, others and environment. There must be a reasons for all these, I am sure none of these reasons say that we should harm ourselves. There is a limit and we should realize this. Why can't we all just fire crackers together, may be just one big set of them for entire colony or town, may be just the way USA celebrates its Independence day. I am sure we can make much better fireworks that way than these small ones individually. This also brings on discipline and oneness among people as Anil said, and reduce the pollution and noise. Why can't we just stick to deepams (small lights lit with cotton in oil) and I think this is exactly what Deepavali means.

Just my two additions here.

Giri "

This mail set me thinking:

How much do we know about fire crackers,except that in younger days, used to look forward  with so much excitement, brag about the purchase, dry them in the sun, keep all the stuff ready, get set for the day and blassssst. Again brag about the blasting for next several days.

Later when we started questioning the very concept , we gradually got out of that,and only lighted a few flower pots.

Will Diwali be a festival if we have silent fire crackers or environmentally friendly ones? Will we appreciate such celebration, comparing ourselves with the neighbors who are crating such ruckus throughout the day and night?   Is there any way to celebrate without causing pollution?

If you are living in a neighborhood where Tamils, Telugus, Marwaris and other north Indians are co-existing, the noise levels start reaching the sky from morning 5 a.m. and goes on through the day. by night 10 p.m., you might think it is over , but no.. we see someone in the colony showing off at 11.30 p.m. on, In the next colony another one wants to celebrate only at 00.30 a.m. of the next day! so we are sleepless till 1.30 a.m. All in the  name of Diwali where we are forced to shut of our door and console our pet,with each burst,feel sad for the screeching birds. No one cares, it is Diwali see.

I was confused , and wanted to get the opinion of  a cross section of people I know, and here is what I found.

There are people who confess, that once they became aware of the noise pollution and environment decay,they celebrated  Diwali with lights and  have stopped bursting big crackers, resulting in peace of mind.

And there are some who feel that the world is changing and our efforts to maintain the eco system and reduce global warming is abysmal. Therefore one should not add to the already existing problems by bursting crackers and wasting precious money . Instead people should share  with the haven't and spread the joy of the festival.

There are  some people, who have lived for two scores and ten, who scoff at the idea of bursting , and wastage . The comparisons are between what was the cracker industry then, wherein only small chakras and other stuff was sold, with a few bombs which were made of palm leaves. The chemicals used too were not so hazardous. Now a days one doesn't even know how many kinds of metallic stuff is released in to atmosphere, and how much of it is inhaled by those poor children who are into the job day in and out.

Why do we burst crackers? To celebrate the triumph of good over evil it seems. But when we are bursting those bombs with so much of poisonous toxins into the air, is any good coming out of such an act? It is only causing harm and pain to others.

The cost of firecrackers , almost 250 crores they say, and the cost of lives of of those children who make them..

                            Accident at Sivakasi

There is a campaign, have a look at "Some Heart-Rending facts" to understand the plight.
They say
"Just a couple of days before Diwali, organise a public gathering of like-minded persons to demonstrate symbolic boycott of crackers by immersing them in water. Celebrate Diwali by lighting lamps, not by blasting childhood."

Some people also cared about the unpleasant feelings it causes to old people, pets,and patients,. The question that if it is Diwali, is it necessary to make the loudest noise and show the world we are great, is lurking in their minds.

Many people I talked to agreed , that traditions need to be accepted. But tradition is followed only on convenience. Why not stop this tradition , and light the diyas to feel good?

Why are the bombs that are sold are not levied with max. tax, to keep it beyond the reach of common man?. The units manufacturing those noise bombs and toxic crackers need to pay more tax, and the people need to pay more to buy them. This will prevent massive misuse?

Now festival season starts from Ganesha Chaturthi. The business community goes all out to promote and offer products to sell . The revelers want to maximize their share , by showing off the height of the idols to the time it takes to block the roads , noise pollute and choke the lakes and sea. the eco pollution and time waste is not considered at all, since it is tradition!. Then it is Diwali again , a tradition to fire and blast. Many are in dread of this season!

In a country where the people below poverty line are struggling for one meal a day, is it tradition to make them starve,and, the rest show off? Are there no better ways to celebrate?

What can be role of the Government in this case? 
   The government can   examine , whether the crackers have toxins        that are not good for environment?.
   Why , the bombs that are sold , can not be levied with max. tax, to    keep it beyond the reach of common man?. The units manufacturing those noise bombs and toxic crackers need to pay more tax, and the people need to pay more to buy them. This might prevent massive misuse?
    Can people be not made to understand by publicity that , the tradition of firing loud crackers and polluting the atmosphere need to be changed, and people need to share the joy of festival with those who can not afford celebrate?

And we, the people  can begin with our own homes!

Meanwhile  some answers will be welcome for Girigaru's questions.

All images courtesy Google.

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ARCHETYPES INDIA: Shankar Kanade's Architecture: Lohithashwa's House...

ARCHETYPES INDIA: Shankar Kanade's Architecture: Lohithashwa's House...: Shankar Kanade's Architecture: Lohithashwa's House Unique Event – Interior in Action By Remigius de Souza Architecture is fi...

BEEHIVE IN GONDWANA: In the Urban Wilderness

BEEHIVE IN GONDWANA: In the Urban Wilderness: Illustration: Stuffed Crested Lark in a natural history museum In the Urban Wilderness  Perhaps I could sing words of birds   ...

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Subho's Jejune Diet: What's Love Got To Do With It?

Subho's Jejune Diet: What's Love Got To Do With It?: There is no conflict that cannot be resolved through dialog. This belief of my mentor is at the heart of what I try to do with my life – in ...

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Tale of a terrace gardener and rice husk

Being active on Facebook has become a time consuming job. I have neglected my blogs, neglected my readings and am only showing off my collections, which are not much anyway. But I learnt a lot of techniques , and being the newbie gardener that I am, I am eager to try it all out and get a (self)pat on my back, with a bounty harvest. When one has garden friends, achieving  bountiful harvest by using Panchgavya or Jeevamrithum, or whatever else, one  wants to try , organic of course, and prove to oneself ( and to other friends ) that one can activate nature to offer a basketful. I learnt to use cocopeat, and other stuff, and have a terrace garden and called myself organic terrace Gardener. Felt good. All that changed recently.

I stumbled on to a FB group of knowledgeable, qualified and inspiring gardeners, who are harvesting such magnificent capsicums and lettuce, gourds, and cucumbers. I got hooked. Though the language was different, I scanned for days, to see the English versions too, embedded somewhere in conversations. They were growing it all by themselves, without relying on those chemical fertilisers. I saw in awe , the rows of neatly arranged platforms of grow bottles with special growing medium, full of greenery. I learnt that it contained soil, compost and some pig/chicken manure etc., most of which was not in my reach. 
As I dug deep into their conversations, I was drawn more and more into their style of raising vegetables, which could feed a family of twenty at least. Rows and rows of recycled plastic containers, used in innovative ways, inspired me. I already knew how to cut a Coca-Cola bottle and put growing medium. I had raised some greens and felt very pleased. Here I saw the bottles were pretty big. That set me thinking, to find where in my dear city I am going to get those. I started looking at scrap shops, wherein the guy used to look at me strangely asking for impossible sizes of soft drink / or any other used bottles. ( I have not located any so far).

After scrolling through pages and pages of conversation , I figured that they were using some rice hull.  I know what the stuff is. After all, I grew up on my grandfather’s land holdings and seen them stack those stuff in summer. But to get rice hull in Hyderabad area seemed remote. I searched the Ice depots, requesting for information. I re-read the FB conversations. I Googled. All pointed out to the one thing that I must procure, to improve my growing medium and, and the yield. 

Meanwhile, I noticed that another young garden enthusiast( Mr.X), had already procured some rice hull and was kind enough to share the photograph with the other FB friends. He was also generous to share the location where he procured it, a remote place from where I lived. Luckily another equally enthusiastic, experiment minded, excited gardener too wanted a look at that magic ingredient. That made two of us, trying to travel to the outskirts of our city, to add a special ingredient to our plants,resulting in good yield.:-). 

We both were, busy ladies, who are needed at home, our absence will be felt if it was more than two hours.
It took us weeks to plan the visit,contemplating how to get to that unknown area where paddy was being de-husked and hull was strewn about. We also bombarded the person who already bought it. 

Finally , the trip was in place,but it was raining heavily, next, it was threatening to rain, and another day, a forecast that it might rain. We waited. We were also worried that the roads may be lonely. It might not be safe for ladies to go that far, in an auto, to an unknown area.

What can stop determined gardeners?

One fine sunny evening, we did make the trip. It was a long drive, luckily on the main roads. We had to ask a few people on the way, and found the place, pretty easy.( after almost an hour’s journey by auto).The auto driver was very nice and helpful , and patient with two ladies and a child, trying to reach this rice mill. When he understood, he was smiling wryly. ( madcaps?). 
Added to that we also caused mild sensation ,to the helpers in that place, who were delighted that two well-dressed people came all the way from city, for the hull. We were asked to shovel them in the bags, ourselves, and we did that. (Gardening makes you do strange things). We came back, mighty pleased with ourselves, and a lighter purse due to the racy meter, and exorbitant auto fares. Never mind, we had the satisfaction of getting what we sought.

Well, this is not end of the story.There is another procedure to this. One is supposed to carbonate the hulls to add strength to the growing medium. Our enthusiastic Mr.X has already demonstrated how to do that, on the social web sites. Now you know , readers, it is not fair on our part to leave job incomplete with the damp hull. We need to learn to carbonate. That will be another long story…

All pictures except the first one is Courtesy Google.

Reblogged from here , due to Indigblogger connectivity difficulties.

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Vilnius Daily Photo: Nida Sunset

Vilnius Daily Photo: Nida Sunset: It was 700 km and 4 days of the most pleasant trip to Nida town via Baltic Sea's coastline and I believe that such a scenic picture is a g...

Saturday, September 29, 2012


This is a post from one of my good friends from the Internet. I would like to promote this post , for the issues it raises.

The link here


 Some disturbing trends proliferating in society catch your attention and you can’t help mulling over them. My observation in two states in the span of a few months has convinced me that a particular malaise is widespread and a telling symptom of the moral collapse of the youth of our country. How our youth is increasingly being misguided into a self destructive mode, is a point worth pondering! There seems to be a complete erosion of values which guided all of us in the past.

The case in point is the increasing inclination towards irresponsible drinking habits amongst our young population. A few days back we were on our daily walking regime in the park, when I saw some littered stuff near a bench. On closure inspection, it became evident that some people had a drinking session in the safe twilight hour. There were plastic tumblers, left over of snacks and small liquor bottles scattered there. On enquiry it was revealed by the residents who have their residences around, that some boys invaded the peace at night, guzzled alcohol and  were forced to leave by some brave hearts with a warning.
However such elements roam freely, indulge in questionable behaviour and pose a danger to the peace loving citizens. These are the ones who violate laws, snatch chains, commit day light robberies, and take part in kidnapping to make easy money. They indulge in drunken driving, cause accidents and take innocent lives. One can imagine the fate of their families suffering in silence. But can they absolve themselves of the blame? There are many such worrying examples reported in the press day in and day out.
A similar scenario, confronted me inHimachal Pradesh. One day, while enjoying a morning walk on Nahan road, we saw card board cases of branded liquor bottles, eatables and glasses thrown indiscriminately by the side of the newly constructed parapets. At many places empty bottles and food stuff containers are seen littered on the road itself. What impressions are created in the vulnerable minds of children, who pass by such scenes on their way to school? Once I saw stray dogs licking left out liquor in the abandoned glasses
The disillusioned youth take recourse to wrong choices and naively think that such actions make them trendy, in sync with the fickle world of movies. Most of the movies are harbingers of negative aspirations among the youth. They try to relate themselves to the larger than life images shown on celluloid and get a jolt, when these acts land them into trouble and public censure. For example drinking, sex and nudity are integrated in the screen play for its own sake, to titillate the youth who constitutes the large chunk of film goers.
Drinking has become a fashion these days even among highly educated and respectable families. There is always a danger of social drinking leading to alcoholism which has ruined many families. Murders, rapes, suicides and other forms of violence under the influence of liquor are daily occurrences these days. Women and Children are the worst victims of such episodes.
Since the excise duty on alcoholic drinks is high and also Governments earn huge amounts as revenue in the auctioning process of liquor joints, the ruinous effects of drinking are sidelined for the sake of taxes which get generated to fill the empty state coffers. Mushrooming of vends selling this stuff is evident every where, when you drive through the highways.
The easy availability of alcohol without any checks emboldens our youth, too young to gauge the consequences of their dangerous forays. A few months back(as reported in the newspaper) a couple of school girls, accompanied by boys, skipped their tuition classes and went in for experimenting with drinking and were found vomiting in a park by the police. In ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ and ‘Rock Star’ the heroines drink liquor neat and I’m sure, that was the inspiration for these girls to copy the act. These poor girls didn’t know perhaps that it was part of acting, at the most with coke filled bottles. One can imagine the stigma and lifelong mental scars which the girls and their families will have to suffer in a society which slanders rather than supports.
Many parents in their pursuit of glitzy possessions remain oblivious of the activities of their wards thinking that they’ve discharged their duty if they stuff their children’s pockets with moolah. Such an attitude of indifference and neglect results in the undoing of the children. Avoidable tragedies happen and the families are doomed for the rest of their lives.
Here are a few suggestions:
Parents must monitor their wards' lives to the extent possible. They should be weaned away from excessive use of addictive phone applications and virtual cyber world, which isolates them from the real world resulting in psychosomatic problems, which can wreak their lives.
Parents’ and teachers should always keep the communication channels open with the children and teens, creating a comfort zone where they can discuss their problems with them freely.
A provision of counselling for all kids should be there in the school curriculum, where such habits take birth.
The teachers must encourage children to frequent libraries and help them choose good motivational books.
Taking part in sports should be compulsory for youngsters to canalize their energies in healthy pursuits
T.V. viewing should be monitored and time limit put in place.
Rich parents in place of spoiling their kids with expensive gifts should take interest in their lives and imbibe in them the spirit of giving to the less fortunate.
Vocational education for teaching employable skills should be introduced from lower levels to ward off frustrations. All children are not made for higher education.
Elders should lead by example rather than by precept.
The Police must take stringent action against violators of law and judiciary must ensure speedy justice with deterrent sentence.
Members of civil society should not look the other way when they see teens indulging in unlawful acts. Concerted efforts by all sections of society are needed to steer the youth towards the right path.

Please feel free to share your comments on the link in Ms.Uppal's blog post.

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Colours in my garden on a overcast day

It is raining almost all over the country. Yesterday was wettest in Hyderabad, I think. It was pouring throughout, the dampness is all-pervading., it is dark, even in the day time. Toady is little better, but still the sun-god has not appeared. I have been coughing since days, the weather not helping at all.

Today I feel a little better , and  am awake by 5 a.m. It is pitch dark outside. By 6.a.m. it is still dark, clouds hanging over the sky. I am eager to see my plants in the aftermath of leeching by incessant rains. I tip toe to the terrace, with a cup of coffee..

The sky is gray, but the plants .. I gasp. They are bathed in rain drops, but the colors.. my.. worth writing a blog about.. Please  enlarge and view the Pyramid :-)

 My Pyramid!

My Tomjal

 My calcutta paan

The Seethaphals are the major attractions for the birds, and the Kabhootars.

Hey forgot to show off my new nursery plants.. all from Vanastri.. More on the in the next post. Happy gardening.

Friends, the Indiblogger is refusing to accept my original post from here . Therefore I had to re-post for my friends from Indiblogger. Apologies.

For clearer picture Updates, please view here

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Water and a City- Bangalore

All those friends, who are interested in water conservation, might like to have a look at this.

Wish all the cities in India make rainwater  harvesting a reality and benefit. Is anyone listening out there?

Lalbagh Flower show, a kind of scoop, Pattu's Terrace Garden

This season, when you  are in Bangalore, you are amazed at the cool and moisture laden air. In Hyderabad, though it is pleasant, once the rain stops, we are back to our dry weather and hot climate. You are also attracted the idea of going out often, as living in the city connects easily the  various places by friendly autowallahs, though heavy on the purse.
I anyway wanted to scout in Lalbagh for some Edward roses , and cajoled the hubby to accompany me to visit Lalbagh. And there we went, by 11.30 A.M. on Tuesday.
What greets us.. Surprise Surprise. the Flower show! Well.. not exactly...only the arrangements and various trucks and props, and flower plants being unloaded, and workers busy , with the Glass house cordoned off. It seems the show is to kick off on 8th or 9th, and we missed the actual show by a whisker.
Other places were teeming with screaming school kids, otherwise, it was pleasant and balmy. The gardens appealed to me , and as usual, I could not help comparing it with  our very own Public Gardens, which has so much space, and so much official apathy.
Anyway, I turned on corner to go the Nurseryman Society , and saw first hand what will be displayed in the vegetable sections during the show. If this is not Scoop... What else is ?:-)
Let me share with you, with pride, the container grown veggies , some of which I captured in my Cell phone.

I am sure all of you will agree that I can't help admiring those container grown gourds,
( which keep failing me ), and share them with you , in admiration.
While I was browsing through, I found more pictures, and have added them to the post, later, updated.
THIS POST IS FROM "PATTU'S TERRACE GARDEN" re posted here due to Indivine problems. Thanks for bearing with me.