Thursday, December 06, 2012

Effect of Gluten rich grain on Type 2 Diabetes

Though I don't write often on this topic, believe me , readers, I keep writing them in my head. I understand , how my fellow travellers with type 2 Diabetes , want to cope and live and enjoy life without the harmful blood glucose level rising.

In my rush for collecting as much information from the Internet, I have bookmarked scores of links which need to be read, sorted and linked. I read a lot, understood some, followed a few.

Out of this sea of information, I had stumbled upon I subscribe to the newsletter and get lots of information . One such useful link is about gluten free foods.

I am sure many of you are aware of this problem stuff found in most grains, mainly in wheat. Now wheat is consumed a lot in India too, though rice plays a major part. When we are sharing our problem of Type 2 diabetes, general advice from our social circles is " Don't eat rice, eat Chapatis". Many of them also declare triumphantly that they eat only chapatis.

Courtesy Google

My experiment with monitoring blood glucose , led me to the conclusion that for me rice or chapati or many of the grains are not helpful at all. they only raised my Blood glucose levels alarmingly and gave me dire warnings to behave. I stopped consuming most of the grains, and found that it helped.

                            courtesy Google This link lists the foods that might have gluten. Have a look.

Therefore , I would like to share this link for the benefit of understanding what this is all about.Please share your observations on the topic for the benefit of fellow sufferers.