Thursday, May 08, 2008

'ஒளி படைத்த கண்ணினாய் வா வா'

A wide angle View of india has mentioned a tag regarding
'A song which inspires '
here (

I like the issue the writer discusses in her blog. I took the liberty of writing about a song that inspires me , and pat came 'ஒளி படைத்த கண்ணினாய் வா வா' from Bharathiyar songs.

The tune learnt in school is playing in the mind . This had inspired me on many occasions. Like when I am depressed while confronting problems in relationships, problems being a modern woman, problems when crossing hurdles.

It had never failed to instill the confidence to carry on.. and boost my moods and energy.

What is yours?

I would like some responses on this :-)