Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sujoy Ghosh, Kahaani, Hindi Movies

I can hear the exasperation, oh.. another review of the movie.

Fear not, it is not.

I do not want to review the movie . That has been aptly done by our best movie critic Anupama Chopra here.

I want to say, here,at last, is a director , who know what he is doing. He does it very well. The actors, do not matter, The music, you do not actually pay attention to. The names that role on the screen before and during the movie, do not ring any bell , except some old guards. In fact , I did not even know who the director was. I only heard that he had directed/written some movies earlier and was not talk of the town.

The best part of any good movie is , after viewing it, you wonder, hey, how did he do that? Who is this man who did such a good movie, without any fanfare? How did he keep the suspense tight? Without any glamour?

As soon as the movie is finished, all of you keep talking to each other exclaiming.. oh this is due to this... etc..

You come home, and check Google, and get very little information , but useful one. An interview in TOI here with the director

For a long time, the movie's questions and answers linger on. A thriller in Hindi, come on, there in no Hitchcock here to give us an entertaining script, is what many would exclaim.

I would say, yes, here is Sujoy Ghosh , who could deliver a thrilling movie experience , without any frills, with a good dialogue, and a tight editing. All those  actors,from Bengal, hats off to you. At last we are treated to, what Bengal can do to Hindi screens. Simple, unpretentious, and real acting!

                           (Courtesy Times of India)

Vidya Balan, took a good risk , and reaped a big applause. But she could pull it off, because of all those actors who complemented her with their natural acting, all the dialogues that were used to enhance the movie, and the director, who stood out.

Take a bow , Sujoy Ghosh, you have arrived, and in the Cinegoer's hearts.

                              (Courtesy Hindustan Times )