Thursday, March 08, 2012

Pet peeve of the year!

Power Cuts. I can hear the chorus, Awa.. Come on. We are all suffering.

Suffering, alright.  What do we do when we encounter suffering? We try to manage. For some time.When the suffering becomes routine? We try to device methods to tackle it. 

If it does not go, we howl and protest and scream. Oppose.

I would like to add Power cuts to this list of suffering.

It is suffering for the housewife, for the student, for the office goes, for the small scale entrepreneurs, for Industry. For the elderly and ailing , it is nightmare. For farmers it is life and death.

I have added almost everyone, but not added leaders, Big bosses,  govt. department cabins, Big industrialists, and  entertainment big wigs. I wonder, when the power is cut in homes/villages, the above listed people too , are put to inconvenience? I doubt!

Mind you, the people who are deciding when to cut power , the people who are deciding when to increase the production, alternate methods of energy  etc, do not know how it feels to have power cuts.

If you say, it is not true, everyone suffers, I would ask, then why no solace since decades?

Tariff has been increased, I am sure people are ready to pay more even, how come alternate methods to tackle this problem, has not been pronounced so far.

We have had budgets, we have had plans, but power problems are increasing. Is there a blue print for power reforms? If yes, why it was not even discussed?

Corruption is discussed for days in Parliament, but this "Bijlee" is not discussed even one.

I am probably right to say, the persons who matter, do not know about effects of power cuts.

It has been decades, since dawn of power cuts.

There has been any number of plans for development, over 60 years, any number of "Vision statements".
There are young leaders, spending time in huts and share meals, does anyone share power cuts? I have not heard.
While travelling in posh localities, I see billboards, with stars, media and other commercials are shining big, while my suburban household locality is in darkness.

                                         (courtesy Google)

How we live in mayajaaal land. 

We watch apologetic ministers, explaining the fiscal deficit, power shortage, nuclear energy blah blah

Do big bosses have special connections, I wonder, when others in the locality are all sweating it out, and the standing crops wilting? Does the common man have any idea of the power consumption bills paid by the government? Is it available in the public domain?

People! its time to wake up.  Question your ward leaders, question your MLAs, Question your media. Ask what they are doing for changing this situation, the wastage, the uncaring attitude.

Question your leaders, when they say you have to bear it. Question your heroes, when they do not stop wastage of power. Question the local supply office, their bosses, flood them with letters.

As long as we tolerate, and do not ask, things will be "like this only, we are Indians."

                                                        (Courtesy Google )