Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rain water harvesting - World Water Day

Today is World Water Day. As I was reading my subscribed blogs, I came across some socially aware pages in regional languages.

One was in Tamizh, written by Ms.Gomathi Arasu at

The blogger gave a reference to Sri. Vincent -, who is a pioneer in green movement, in his own simple ways. His blog in Tamizh is informative, with many tips on how to live in harmony with nature and how to ensure, that the land stays green. He has lot of innovative ideas on growing plants, in containers, and on terrrace.

Here is a video uploaded by Sri. Vincent in respect of water conservation, worth viewing and circulating too.

Another interesting historical fact about the fall of Agra fort and the deafeat of ShahJahan, by his son, using the water shortage here

Water conservation - A compulsion of our times , is the blog written by Sri.Mohd. Ali here

Mr.Ali has been vocal about how to save the rain water, and how to harvest it.  I would like to give a gist of what he has explained in the following paragraph.

"Rain water can be harvested, either for direct use, or for storing below the ground level.There are some basic procedures to be followed for storing under the ground level, thus increasing the water table. The rain water harvesting programme instituted by TN government(while Ms.JJ was the CM ) did improve the water table in Chennai.

Another important point is that the existing wells  should not allowed to go to seed, or closed. The rain water can easily be channeled for collection in to the wells. This will surely improve the water table in that area, apart from increasing the quality of water.

The borewells which are dug out above the rock table and not too deep, also need to be replenished with rain water harvesting. This will improve the water levels in the borewells and will be useful in summer months"

I would like to share that , ten years ago, we connected pipes on the terrace, to the dried up well and started collecting rain water. We have also left lot of area unpaved around the house.  Apart from the well, we also let the water flow into the borewell area, to soak the water in.

This summer there is serious water shortage in Hyderabad . There are no tankers available on demand, and it takes 10 days to even get one . The Government water supply is seriously hampered , and they are distributing tankers , if booked, once a month only.

Needless to say, so far , we are getting water in our borewell, sufficient for our daily use. Thanks to rain water harvesting.:-)

Updated on 30th March 2012

This topic is hot right now, hot due to weather,a nd due to lack of water availability.
Here is another link about rain water harvesting, wish Governments and people take notice.

Thanks to Water Gandhi, somewhere someone cares.

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Interesting ideas from an expert! Hope govt. takes note.