Monday, January 02, 2012

River Ganga , again in news.

The river is sacred to all of us Indians. We venerate it , worship it. Now there are doubts that it may dry up in a few decades.
That thought is unthinkable for all Indians who have been brought up on many stories about Ganga ,at various levels.

How come the people have allowed it to be rampaged and on slow death so soon? ,Is the river not sacred to all those who also spoil it? . What is their responsibility to the river, to the land and to the religion.There was some talk from the Government on cleaning up, nothing seems to have materialised, obviously no funds for such unimportant subject!
I feel very confused and sad.

Here is an article written in New York Times blogs

(All images Google).

I tend to believe how unfair we are becoming and agree with this opinion about our unfair attitudes.