Friday, October 31, 2008

who is this "Raakshasa"

The comments  in the blog made me feel helpless.

Looking back, we were brought up without any effort to treat all religions as equal, all people normal. We did not even feel that it was "us" and "them". where has it all gone?. Who has spoiled the social fabric?. How did we allow this to happen?. Those who were brought up in comopolitan cities feel they have more tolerance. True.

But I am also remembering my childhood life in the Telangana area where people respected each others' religion . I have heard simple folks refererring to each other's religion with kindness.  I remember the old lady who explained to me in her Telugu , what  "peerla Panduga" means. How they used to go up the hill to get blessing from the Muslim baba every year. the simplicity of her " live and let live" mode of life . I feel her greatness now.

I remember my muslim friends looking forward to Diwali , Pongal and Mahankali Jathra. It struck me with wonder when I first heard how they enjoyed those festivals. I see the crowds in Ramzan times and understand most of them are from all the religions who are simply shopping in the evenings for goodies. 

There was no visible difference at all. Everyone went about with thier daily life. who has spoiled it all?

While reading the Ramayana I used to ponder about the Rakshasas. Now, I recognise them in these modern day fundamentalists who sow hate  in the minds. 

But after reading the blog , I feel all is not lost.

I observe Internet and find  that there are many out there who " accept all and live" . It encourages me to believe that it is possbile to be tolerant of all religions.  

Hope more and more people will come out their silence and proclaim their faith in human beings and not in religions. Hope all these like minded people will try in their own ways to spread this message.

Am I confused? Am I living in Utopia?