Friday, January 27, 2012

Oscar season 2012

Oscar season has started, and movie lovers are watching it with expectations,and ,some with indifference.

English movies have been part of our movie going experience since the time we were teenagers. The first English movie I remember watching was Benhur , in English , escorted by our School teacher , who was so kind to make us all appreciate good cinema. We were enthralled , watching a colour movie, did not follow any dialogue, except "yes /no", but loved the hero, cried with the crucifixion, heavenly downpour, the river of blood, acts of kindness etc etc.

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Hyderabad had a movie loving crowd. May be to make up for lack of any other outlet for time-pass, except Tank bund and Public Gardens. We used to have theatres all over the place and movies used to run packed houses, even dubba movies, sometimes. English movies were "happening " time-pass. Not that all the movie goers were elites/English knowing persons. The lower stalls used to be filled with guys mostly from all walks of life , just wanted to enjoy the movie , either action, (James Bond!)/ romance( pretty ladies and other interesting scenes).The advance booking system was not around then.

Therefore Saturday and Sunday matinee time was the best ,to get to see a movie and "sight seeing", due to long Q's in front of the ticket counters in scorching sun. All the good looking ladies with their families, friends were on view. The full glare of the sun, the crowds in the Q and the cars coming gracefully and dropping memsahibs for getting into the theatre -the guys had a great time. All innocent fun.

In the first week , the publicity was mostly by word of mouth. After the first week Saturday matinee, people would ask the crowd getting out, about the movie. During one such adventure, while my husband was looking at the posters of the movie he went to watch, heard someone say in Hyderabadi language " Bah, Yeh Bomma hai tho movie dekna hi nahi, Kuch Samaj mey nahi aathi( If this Statue is there,it is not worth watching. We cant follow anything).

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There are thousands of blog posts on Oscar Awards from all over the world. Hundreds from India, and a few from Hyderabad. But , here is one blog written about the Oscars, which is superb.

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