Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Colours in my garden on a overcast day

It is raining almost all over the country. Yesterday was wettest in Hyderabad, I think. It was pouring throughout, the dampness is all-pervading., it is dark, even in the day time. Toady is little better, but still the sun-god has not appeared. I have been coughing since days, the weather not helping at all.

Today I feel a little better , and  am awake by 5 a.m. It is pitch dark outside. By 6.a.m. it is still dark, clouds hanging over the sky. I am eager to see my plants in the aftermath of leeching by incessant rains. I tip toe to the terrace, with a cup of coffee..

The sky is gray, but the plants .. I gasp. They are bathed in rain drops, but the colors.. my.. worth writing a blog about.. Please  enlarge and view the Pyramid :-)

 My Pyramid!

My Tomjal

 My calcutta paan

The Seethaphals are the major attractions for the birds, and the Kabhootars.

Hey forgot to show off my new nursery plants.. all from Vanastri.. More on the in the next post. Happy gardening.

Friends, the Indiblogger is refusing to accept my original post from here . Therefore I had to re-post for my friends from Indiblogger. Apologies.

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