Friday, October 31, 2008

who is this "Raakshasa"

The comments  in the blog made me feel helpless.

Looking back, we were brought up without any effort to treat all religions as equal, all people normal. We did not even feel that it was "us" and "them". where has it all gone?. Who has spoiled the social fabric?. How did we allow this to happen?. Those who were brought up in comopolitan cities feel they have more tolerance. True.

But I am also remembering my childhood life in the Telangana area where people respected each others' religion . I have heard simple folks refererring to each other's religion with kindness.  I remember the old lady who explained to me in her Telugu , what  "peerla Panduga" means. How they used to go up the hill to get blessing from the Muslim baba every year. the simplicity of her " live and let live" mode of life . I feel her greatness now.

I remember my muslim friends looking forward to Diwali , Pongal and Mahankali Jathra. It struck me with wonder when I first heard how they enjoyed those festivals. I see the crowds in Ramzan times and understand most of them are from all the religions who are simply shopping in the evenings for goodies. 

There was no visible difference at all. Everyone went about with thier daily life. who has spoiled it all?

While reading the Ramayana I used to ponder about the Rakshasas. Now, I recognise them in these modern day fundamentalists who sow hate  in the minds. 

But after reading the blog , I feel all is not lost.

I observe Internet and find  that there are many out there who " accept all and live" . It encourages me to believe that it is possbile to be tolerant of all religions.  

Hope more and more people will come out their silence and proclaim their faith in human beings and not in religions. Hope all these like minded people will try in their own ways to spread this message.

Am I confused? Am I living in Utopia? 

Monday, October 20, 2008

தாத்தாவைப் பற்றி...

திண்ணை தொடர்பதிவில் என்னை யாரும் இணைக்கவில்லை. ஆனால் தாத்தாவைப் பற்றி பல முறை எழுத. 

What was that old Thatha's name? He was a tenant in the front room of the house at Kanchi!. We were with mother ,and I was the PR of the family. Though did not know that time :-). I was hardly 8 years, but very silly and all playful. Missed my Dad most of the time, but did ot realise it then.

The diwali with that Thatha was fun. His room was overlooking the Thinnai  and he would be sitting regally on the Thinnai wearing pure white clothes and be clean all the time!

He bought some crackers and made me fire them.

I was wearing new " cheeti" pavaadai and mom was a little worried that i may burn myself. As usual Akka came and cautioned me and went back room, but I was on cloud nine firing gifted crackers . I might have been over enthu and Thatha could not answer my silly querries, He was tired I suppose.. but when  burnt my hand , I screamed ,  he scolded me!

Mom gave up on me , but Akka spread some oil on my palm. The hightlight was, I avoided the Thinnai for some days, fearing his wrath.
Why I remember him most is, because of the remark he made about me. He was approving my sis who was calm , docile, and "adakkam". Here I was tall for my age, and like a butterfly, on my feet all the time. He could not cope with my activity based life. 

He was a palm reader guy. he said after reading my palm  " she will never achieve anything big! She is too attention deficit. she cannot reach any heights, nor she will study big studies( Periay Padippu). "

That was what I remembered most of the time. Whenever I fell down in life 
and lost, I remembered his prediction. Then I come up with a vengence. 
I proved him wrong. My sisters and family think that I am the best of all!

But I still get his voice when I fail, and I use it to climb my next step .

Thanks thatha!

Now I know you should never ever discourage children with those mighty words!.

Noble PRize for you know who?

Outlook- Ramachandra Guha

//Nobel Longings 

After my talk, a lady comes up and introduces herself as a doctor, and an advisor to the Peace Institute. The names I had mentioned were all very good, she said, but surely it was time that the peace prize went to an Indian? She mentions the name of a fellow townsman of mine, a man who has grown long hair, given himself four fancy initials (HH/SS), and whose name is also that of a very great exponent of the sitar.

The Norwegian doctor had heard that this man had brought peace to Kashmir, and had promoted organic agriculture in thousands of Indian villages. She had been asked to promote his candidacy for the prize, and indeed the man himself had been to Oslo several times recently. She asked me if I would give my opinion on the matter.

I answered that so far as I knew, there was no peace in Kashmir. I observed that what the West refers to as ‘organic farming’ we knew as rain-fed agriculture—and that it is nothing new. Where there was no canal water and where they had little capital, millions of Indian farmers had, for the past thousands of years, grown crops without the use of any chemicals (and without any spiritual counselling) whatsoever.

Finally, I suggested to the doctor that if not giving Gandhi the prize was a scandal, awarding it to my fellow townsman would be an even bigger scandal.//

How sad!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

உணவுப் பொருள்களை “பேக்’ செய்ய பாலிதீன் கவருக்குப் பதில் வாழை இலை

உணவுப் பொருள்களை “பேக்’ செய்ய பாலிதீன் கவருக்குப் பதில் வாழை இலை: -இலங்கையில் கண்டுபிடிப்பு

This was the headline in Nitharsanam. My first thought was " what a big deal, Did we not know it always and followed it?' Another critic in me felt, it is good that this topic is getting the attention of the media, however small the viewership may be. 

I have always felt good eating out of the leaves. In hotels when they serve on the leaf, I used to feel comfortable, thinking that the chances of germs are minimised :-) . It also brings back those days when Granny used to see that we are fed on those easily bi0-degradable plates from her backyard. 

On visits to Chennai, I used to admire the food packets sold in Canteens, hotels , using the plantain leaves. After a few years, I was sorely disappointed to see foils and plastic boxes replacing the leaves.

After building a small little house, I impressed upon my husband to have the tree in the bakc yard. It grew so nicely , felt too good, but alas , our bandicoots in the area would not let the tree grow!

The market too is far away , but , I still look for it when I visit the area. Keep in the fridge and use it as much as possible. My family understands now, when I insist on packing in good old plantain leaves. 

Let us all bring back those good eco-friendly habits of our culture.

National Parks and preserving them

While on a trip to USA, what I enjoyed most was visiting nearby scenic beauties and also getting a chance to drive to nearby National Parks. Much has been written about them, the latest good blog I saw was here:

Balaji's thots brought back my thots on the subject. It was a kind of mild jealousy that I had when I visted those places in USA. The prestine air, the facilities without hurting the environment , the Park officials who were doing their work efficiently, and people  by and large obeyed the rules of the place.

We too have our share of natural resources, but one hears about the inability of Park officials to perform their duties without interference and the pressure on these parks by the public and other "bigwigs", and the slow degradation.

Why are we not 'vigilante' enough to preserve these for our own good?

I feel sad.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Keep Out if you’re not Brahmin!!!!

Just wondering where we are going? Is it in a suitable direction? Whys should it disturb me? Or my uneasiness is unfounded?

I would like your views on this news. 

Saturday, October 11, 2008

இவரை எதற்கு கொண்டாட வேண்டும்?

இவரைத் தெரியுமா? இவரைப் பற்றி கேள்விப் படாதவர்கள் இந்த வலைப்பூவை பார்க்கலாம்.

'Guy who got into Google"

It touched me!

Monday, October 06, 2008

I am back! I am impressed by this page.. What do you think?

I felt nice reading about Anand....and the work he does!