Sunday, October 19, 2008

National Parks and preserving them

While on a trip to USA, what I enjoyed most was visiting nearby scenic beauties and also getting a chance to drive to nearby National Parks. Much has been written about them, the latest good blog I saw was here:

Balaji's thots brought back my thots on the subject. It was a kind of mild jealousy that I had when I visted those places in USA. The prestine air, the facilities without hurting the environment , the Park officials who were doing their work efficiently, and people  by and large obeyed the rules of the place.

We too have our share of natural resources, but one hears about the inability of Park officials to perform their duties without interference and the pressure on these parks by the public and other "bigwigs", and the slow degradation.

Why are we not 'vigilante' enough to preserve these for our own good?

I feel sad.

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