Saturday, August 11, 2012

Water and a City- Bangalore

All those friends, who are interested in water conservation, might like to have a look at this.

Wish all the cities in India make rainwater  harvesting a reality and benefit. Is anyone listening out there?

Lalbagh Flower show, a kind of scoop, Pattu's Terrace Garden

This season, when you  are in Bangalore, you are amazed at the cool and moisture laden air. In Hyderabad, though it is pleasant, once the rain stops, we are back to our dry weather and hot climate. You are also attracted the idea of going out often, as living in the city connects easily the  various places by friendly autowallahs, though heavy on the purse.
I anyway wanted to scout in Lalbagh for some Edward roses , and cajoled the hubby to accompany me to visit Lalbagh. And there we went, by 11.30 A.M. on Tuesday.
What greets us.. Surprise Surprise. the Flower show! Well.. not exactly...only the arrangements and various trucks and props, and flower plants being unloaded, and workers busy , with the Glass house cordoned off. It seems the show is to kick off on 8th or 9th, and we missed the actual show by a whisker.
Other places were teeming with screaming school kids, otherwise, it was pleasant and balmy. The gardens appealed to me , and as usual, I could not help comparing it with  our very own Public Gardens, which has so much space, and so much official apathy.
Anyway, I turned on corner to go the Nurseryman Society , and saw first hand what will be displayed in the vegetable sections during the show. If this is not Scoop... What else is ?:-)
Let me share with you, with pride, the container grown veggies , some of which I captured in my Cell phone.

I am sure all of you will agree that I can't help admiring those container grown gourds,
( which keep failing me ), and share them with you , in admiration.
While I was browsing through, I found more pictures, and have added them to the post, later, updated.
THIS POST IS FROM "PATTU'S TERRACE GARDEN" re posted here due to Indivine problems. Thanks for bearing with me.