Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cleaning the River Ganga - Possibilities in Politics

//New teacher

Digvijay Singh better watch out. Uma Bharti has now decided to mentor none other than Rahul Gandhi. There are whispers that the sadhvi has decided voluntarily to shower her pearls of wisdom on the young Congress gen-sec. During her recent meeting with Sonia Gandhi, ostensibly to garner support for the ‘Clean Ganga Campaign’, Bharti regaled one and all by recounting her excellent rapport with the former prime minister, Rajiv Gandhi. The Gandhis and Bharti may be placed on opposite ends of the political spectrum but that has not stopped Bharti from maintaining cordial ties with 10 Janpath. But what are Bharti’s lessons for Rahul? If the grapevine is to be believed, Bharti wants Rahul not to waste his time trying to revive his party in Uttar Pradesh as the Congress does not have a bright future in this populous state. Instead, Rahul, Bharti believes, should spend his time reading good books. It remains to be seen whether the diligent student takes Bharti’s lessons seriously.//

This is what I read in The Telegraph today. I felt kind of touched. Touched because,the participants involved had carried themselves in a dignified manner and interacted without any rancor., usually associated with meetings of the politically opposite parties. What we see daily on the TV , wherein silly remarks are made about each other was absent.

I liked that. This may be beginning, hope that this is carried over to other occasions too. Hope that the young leaders form political parties are able to work together without blaming each other, on matters of national importance.

May be I am imagining things, but I feel good. Atleast for now.