Thursday, July 26, 2012

Crossing 10,000 A landmark for me

                                        (Google courtesy)
I revived this blog with a view to air my pet peeves ,without any expectations that anyone will peep into it. It was all about my own grumblings and grouses against the general apathy I find in my daily life.

The gradual outcome slowly encouraged me to add more about writing what upset or enthralled me.I almost forced my increasing readership to accept my likes and tolerate me .

Today, I find that I have crossed 10,000 hits,which is a pleasant surprise and gives a mild shock. I know it is no great shakes, but at 60+, I can't ask  for more from my esteemed readers who encouraged me to write openly about my feelings.

I feel very good and am grateful to all of you who visited these simple pages. Do continue , and give your valuable feedback to humour a humble blogger.