Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Carols

It is Chirstmas time. All over the world people are singing hyms, carols . I am sure whatever I write today will be superfluous.

As I was lying in bed , on 24th evening, just before getting ready to go to the midnight celebrations, I was struck with a longing to hear this Carol" O holy night". Music has no religion nor language. You only have to feel it with your heart and, it touches your soul!

I also wanted to know who it was, who wrote the lyrics, and composed the divine music. The song was haunting me for some hours. With Google's help, I found what I was looking for and also stumbled upon this site.

This is it. It made my day. Afterwards, when I heard the Church choir , sing the hymn, I felt how badly they were singing!.

There are carols and carols, but for me this is the best. O holy night Performed by Celtic Woman.

Courtesy Google