Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rain water harvesting - World Water Day

Today is World Water Day. As I was reading my subscribed blogs, I came across some socially aware pages in regional languages.

One was in Tamizh, written by Ms.Gomathi Arasu at

The blogger gave a reference to Sri. Vincent -, who is a pioneer in green movement, in his own simple ways. His blog in Tamizh is informative, with many tips on how to live in harmony with nature and how to ensure, that the land stays green. He has lot of innovative ideas on growing plants, in containers, and on terrrace.

Here is a video uploaded by Sri. Vincent in respect of water conservation, worth viewing and circulating too.

Another interesting historical fact about the fall of Agra fort and the deafeat of ShahJahan, by his son, using the water shortage here

Water conservation - A compulsion of our times , is the blog written by Sri.Mohd. Ali here

Mr.Ali has been vocal about how to save the rain water, and how to harvest it.  I would like to give a gist of what he has explained in the following paragraph.

"Rain water can be harvested, either for direct use, or for storing below the ground level.There are some basic procedures to be followed for storing under the ground level, thus increasing the water table. The rain water harvesting programme instituted by TN government(while Ms.JJ was the CM ) did improve the water table in Chennai.

Another important point is that the existing wells  should not allowed to go to seed, or closed. The rain water can easily be channeled for collection in to the wells. This will surely improve the water table in that area, apart from increasing the quality of water.

The borewells which are dug out above the rock table and not too deep, also need to be replenished with rain water harvesting. This will improve the water levels in the borewells and will be useful in summer months"

I would like to share that , ten years ago, we connected pipes on the terrace, to the dried up well and started collecting rain water. We have also left lot of area unpaved around the house.  Apart from the well, we also let the water flow into the borewell area, to soak the water in.

This summer there is serious water shortage in Hyderabad . There are no tankers available on demand, and it takes 10 days to even get one . The Government water supply is seriously hampered , and they are distributing tankers , if booked, once a month only.

Needless to say, so far , we are getting water in our borewell, sufficient for our daily use. Thanks to rain water harvesting.:-)

Updated on 30th March 2012

This topic is hot right now, hot due to weather,a nd due to lack of water availability.
Here is another link about rain water harvesting, wish Governments and people take notice.

Thanks to Water Gandhi, somewhere someone cares.

Added on 13.05.2012 Motehr's day
Interesting ideas from an expert! Hope govt. takes note.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

புதிய முறையில் மின்சார தயாரிப்பு

This is about generating electricity in a unique way, which is gaining popularity in USA,. I have requested for permission to write about this in English.
Please bear with me till then.
Meanwhile here are the links available on Internet.

I wonder whether it will be possible for our Govt. to consider this idea for easing the power situation. I wonder whether any such move is already on the cards?


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sujoy Ghosh, Kahaani, Hindi Movies

I can hear the exasperation, oh.. another review of the movie.

Fear not, it is not.

I do not want to review the movie . That has been aptly done by our best movie critic Anupama Chopra here.

I want to say, here,at last, is a director , who know what he is doing. He does it very well. The actors, do not matter, The music, you do not actually pay attention to. The names that role on the screen before and during the movie, do not ring any bell , except some old guards. In fact , I did not even know who the director was. I only heard that he had directed/written some movies earlier and was not talk of the town.

The best part of any good movie is , after viewing it, you wonder, hey, how did he do that? Who is this man who did such a good movie, without any fanfare? How did he keep the suspense tight? Without any glamour?

As soon as the movie is finished, all of you keep talking to each other exclaiming.. oh this is due to this... etc..

You come home, and check Google, and get very little information , but useful one. An interview in TOI here with the director

For a long time, the movie's questions and answers linger on. A thriller in Hindi, come on, there in no Hitchcock here to give us an entertaining script, is what many would exclaim.

I would say, yes, here is Sujoy Ghosh , who could deliver a thrilling movie experience , without any frills, with a good dialogue, and a tight editing. All those  actors,from Bengal, hats off to you. At last we are treated to, what Bengal can do to Hindi screens. Simple, unpretentious, and real acting!

                           (Courtesy Times of India)

Vidya Balan, took a good risk , and reaped a big applause. But she could pull it off, because of all those actors who complemented her with their natural acting, all the dialogues that were used to enhance the movie, and the director, who stood out.

Take a bow , Sujoy Ghosh, you have arrived, and in the Cinegoer's hearts.

                              (Courtesy Hindustan Times )

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Brutality in marriage, relationship

I chanced upon  the write up by Meena Kandasamy , in Outlook magazine, about the abusive relationship she was in.

With mounting shock , I went though it . I could not believe my eyes - Meena known for her bold literary achievements, a popular young writer who is a celebrity? Was it a real life story , or a piece of fiction?. Went though to the last line, validating along the way, I found it could be her story. Brutalised, scarred. sad.

Why will anyone write in detail,  about their relationship, baring their heart out? Intimate life becomes a open book, for all, to open anytime and refer to. It needs a lot of courage put the agonizing moments in a relationship ,in words .

May be it gave the author a sense of deliverance sharing it with other though print. It might be setting her free of the events, the shock and the aftermath.

And I hope it did . She is someone who has a wonderful potential to enjoy life and what it offers her. She is not meant to be under some Rakshasha who can posses her body  and soul.

I am sure she is already on to a healing process, and has taken  advices from experts in the field.

I can only wish her to get well soon.

But this post is not only about Meena.

In case you have seen the comments to that article in outlook, there are some people who have hidden under  "male unblocked" and " YHWH',who have vented their frustration in vague sentences. It looks like they are very much against Meena. Secondly, they are cribbing that the males will never talk about their relationships openly, and no media is interested in publishing their point of view.

I only feel, if they find that media is unwilling to publish  their version ,why don't they publish articles in newspapers, cribbing about their life, as an advertisement? who is stopping them from  writing blogs , as many as they want?

 I agree men too suffer in marriages. But they do not have courage to face it. They want to cover it up, to show the world they are macho and the everything is perfect. If it is failure, they feel, the world will treat them as incapable, and they want to be capable you see?

Many of the men who brutalise their wives , are insecure. Insecurity in their outside life, makes them behave like a tyrant inside the house. They are in control only at the house, outside they pretend to be very good, pliable and obliging. But all the time, their anger is building up and they have to release the frustration at home. If the partner is willing to cooperate in this show of strength, gone!!!. From day one the territory is marked, and the woman has to continue to endure abuses, brutality and give up her body , identity and  wont stop short till it claims her soul too. She is left mute and soulless, and the release comes when one of them dies.

This was the pattern in abusive marriages, in our country. The women used to suffer, only the family knew it. No word will spread outside. The society expected her to continue for the sake of children, financial security and " pativrata" image. Lack of support from parents and fear of destitution left them with no choice. And a separate chapter  is needed to write about the  children growing up in such atmosphere. This behaviour was not connected to educated persons or rich or poor. It happened in all societies and economic strata.

But those days are gone. Male unblocked can vent his feeling now, he can go to family, to court, to the parents on both sides, community and get solace. He can forge new liaisons and get out of the marriage too.

Similarly, now , I am relieved that woman have come out in the open about abusive men. The man in question may be a famed professor / write/publisher/ smart political personality/rickshaw puller/coolie/goonda, whatever.

Women are not scared to say what happened. They are not scared , to share their suffering. They want others to know it. They have financial freedom, they have education, they have faith in themselves , and know that their own identity is most important to live life.

 Even after loosing all, in a  abusive relationship,they can build their life once again.

They are moving on, finding  better mates, who can understand them, and treat them as equals.

But, it takes time to catch up. Parents, society, siblings need to give support. I understand the institution of marriage is crumbling, but if marriage is among unequal partners, and it is only brutalisation, it is better to let it crumble.

All those marriages where love and understanding, sharing, rules, is still very strong. There are many young men, who are caring, want their wives to have a good life and are interested in encouraging them to pursue their interests. And it is heartening to not that their tribe is growing.

So back to Meena's story and the comments. I do not know whether it is true or only a story, but it happened to a educated young achiever , is sad.

Whether male unblocked is having any problems , I do not know.

Men and women need to accept that there are problems in their marriages, or with their personalities.

Once they accept and face the issue,, they can  seek  professional  advice from experts, specialists. Find out whether they can solve their problems , if they can give a try to get back their life , with love.

If not it is better to end it and move on, instead of being violent/ bitchy. It is better for them and better for the society.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Pet peeve of the year!

Power Cuts. I can hear the chorus, Awa.. Come on. We are all suffering.

Suffering, alright.  What do we do when we encounter suffering? We try to manage. For some time.When the suffering becomes routine? We try to device methods to tackle it. 

If it does not go, we howl and protest and scream. Oppose.

I would like to add Power cuts to this list of suffering.

It is suffering for the housewife, for the student, for the office goes, for the small scale entrepreneurs, for Industry. For the elderly and ailing , it is nightmare. For farmers it is life and death.

I have added almost everyone, but not added leaders, Big bosses,  govt. department cabins, Big industrialists, and  entertainment big wigs. I wonder, when the power is cut in homes/villages, the above listed people too , are put to inconvenience? I doubt!

Mind you, the people who are deciding when to cut power , the people who are deciding when to increase the production, alternate methods of energy  etc, do not know how it feels to have power cuts.

If you say, it is not true, everyone suffers, I would ask, then why no solace since decades?

Tariff has been increased, I am sure people are ready to pay more even, how come alternate methods to tackle this problem, has not been pronounced so far.

We have had budgets, we have had plans, but power problems are increasing. Is there a blue print for power reforms? If yes, why it was not even discussed?

Corruption is discussed for days in Parliament, but this "Bijlee" is not discussed even one.

I am probably right to say, the persons who matter, do not know about effects of power cuts.

It has been decades, since dawn of power cuts.

There has been any number of plans for development, over 60 years, any number of "Vision statements".
There are young leaders, spending time in huts and share meals, does anyone share power cuts? I have not heard.
While travelling in posh localities, I see billboards, with stars, media and other commercials are shining big, while my suburban household locality is in darkness.

                                         (courtesy Google)

How we live in mayajaaal land. 

We watch apologetic ministers, explaining the fiscal deficit, power shortage, nuclear energy blah blah

Do big bosses have special connections, I wonder, when others in the locality are all sweating it out, and the standing crops wilting? Does the common man have any idea of the power consumption bills paid by the government? Is it available in the public domain?

People! its time to wake up.  Question your ward leaders, question your MLAs, Question your media. Ask what they are doing for changing this situation, the wastage, the uncaring attitude.

Question your leaders, when they say you have to bear it. Question your heroes, when they do not stop wastage of power. Question the local supply office, their bosses, flood them with letters.

As long as we tolerate, and do not ask, things will be "like this only, we are Indians."

                                                        (Courtesy Google )