Thursday, December 29, 2011

Weddings Season and Police Control

This week has been a hectic one for the family. Having friends over, the cold weather, and the festive season added to all the fun and also stress to some extent.

There were a couple of wedding and allied celebrations to attend to, this week. For the few preceding weeks, we have been having very joyful expectations from these weddings, especially one wedding from our dear family friends. Our associations goes to some few decades,the bridegroom is part of our extended family. So the excitement in taking part in the wedding arrangements, shopping for things, meeting the members of wedding party that traveled from overseas, all was pretty heady.

(courtesy Google)

Last nite the celebrations finally ended, and we are all happy. But there was a major setback. When the couple were arriving at the reception areas, to be greeting by a nice welcoming music, we had a shock of our life. The Police came over and snatched away the equipment for the sound system etc and sternly denied permission to play any kind of music in the hall. This was the worst dampener that can happen in a celebrating atmosphere. What is a wedding reception without a dance and kids having fun?

It is understood that the general denial of permission is for the oncoming New Year festivities planned by many organisation. But that does not justify the cancellation of music playing at wedding celebrations. What they could have imposed was restricting the hours for music blaring out and that would have been tolerable.

This is pretty unfair on the couple , and for a long time this incident could cause a shadow . I hope the Police will exempt the wedding celebrations form such restrictions.