Sunday, March 11, 2012

Brutality in marriage, relationship

I chanced upon  the write up by Meena Kandasamy , in Outlook magazine, about the abusive relationship she was in.

With mounting shock , I went though it . I could not believe my eyes - Meena known for her bold literary achievements, a popular young writer who is a celebrity? Was it a real life story , or a piece of fiction?. Went though to the last line, validating along the way, I found it could be her story. Brutalised, scarred. sad.

Why will anyone write in detail,  about their relationship, baring their heart out? Intimate life becomes a open book, for all, to open anytime and refer to. It needs a lot of courage put the agonizing moments in a relationship ,in words .

May be it gave the author a sense of deliverance sharing it with other though print. It might be setting her free of the events, the shock and the aftermath.

And I hope it did . She is someone who has a wonderful potential to enjoy life and what it offers her. She is not meant to be under some Rakshasha who can posses her body  and soul.

I am sure she is already on to a healing process, and has taken  advices from experts in the field.

I can only wish her to get well soon.

But this post is not only about Meena.

In case you have seen the comments to that article in outlook, there are some people who have hidden under  "male unblocked" and " YHWH',who have vented their frustration in vague sentences. It looks like they are very much against Meena. Secondly, they are cribbing that the males will never talk about their relationships openly, and no media is interested in publishing their point of view.

I only feel, if they find that media is unwilling to publish  their version ,why don't they publish articles in newspapers, cribbing about their life, as an advertisement? who is stopping them from  writing blogs , as many as they want?

 I agree men too suffer in marriages. But they do not have courage to face it. They want to cover it up, to show the world they are macho and the everything is perfect. If it is failure, they feel, the world will treat them as incapable, and they want to be capable you see?

Many of the men who brutalise their wives , are insecure. Insecurity in their outside life, makes them behave like a tyrant inside the house. They are in control only at the house, outside they pretend to be very good, pliable and obliging. But all the time, their anger is building up and they have to release the frustration at home. If the partner is willing to cooperate in this show of strength, gone!!!. From day one the territory is marked, and the woman has to continue to endure abuses, brutality and give up her body , identity and  wont stop short till it claims her soul too. She is left mute and soulless, and the release comes when one of them dies.

This was the pattern in abusive marriages, in our country. The women used to suffer, only the family knew it. No word will spread outside. The society expected her to continue for the sake of children, financial security and " pativrata" image. Lack of support from parents and fear of destitution left them with no choice. And a separate chapter  is needed to write about the  children growing up in such atmosphere. This behaviour was not connected to educated persons or rich or poor. It happened in all societies and economic strata.

But those days are gone. Male unblocked can vent his feeling now, he can go to family, to court, to the parents on both sides, community and get solace. He can forge new liaisons and get out of the marriage too.

Similarly, now , I am relieved that woman have come out in the open about abusive men. The man in question may be a famed professor / write/publisher/ smart political personality/rickshaw puller/coolie/goonda, whatever.

Women are not scared to say what happened. They are not scared , to share their suffering. They want others to know it. They have financial freedom, they have education, they have faith in themselves , and know that their own identity is most important to live life.

 Even after loosing all, in a  abusive relationship,they can build their life once again.

They are moving on, finding  better mates, who can understand them, and treat them as equals.

But, it takes time to catch up. Parents, society, siblings need to give support. I understand the institution of marriage is crumbling, but if marriage is among unequal partners, and it is only brutalisation, it is better to let it crumble.

All those marriages where love and understanding, sharing, rules, is still very strong. There are many young men, who are caring, want their wives to have a good life and are interested in encouraging them to pursue their interests. And it is heartening to not that their tribe is growing.

So back to Meena's story and the comments. I do not know whether it is true or only a story, but it happened to a educated young achiever , is sad.

Whether male unblocked is having any problems , I do not know.

Men and women need to accept that there are problems in their marriages, or with their personalities.

Once they accept and face the issue,, they can  seek  professional  advice from experts, specialists. Find out whether they can solve their problems , if they can give a try to get back their life , with love.

If not it is better to end it and move on, instead of being violent/ bitchy. It is better for them and better for the society.