Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year blog Advices

The year ending blog reading is becoming tedious. Most of the bloggers are tired/busy, and are wrapping up their posts with the gist of their activities, which is running into pages. Endless pages of photographs which one has already seen, does not make it a happy reading.Eyes are getting hurt,I am hitting the "mark all as read" button quickly.

I found one page which was sensible and offered some simple words. Many of you might have seen it already.

Doctor’s prescription for a Happy New Year: Free
30 December 2011


Happy New year.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Weddings Season and Police Control

This week has been a hectic one for the family. Having friends over, the cold weather, and the festive season added to all the fun and also stress to some extent.

There were a couple of wedding and allied celebrations to attend to, this week. For the few preceding weeks, we have been having very joyful expectations from these weddings, especially one wedding from our dear family friends. Our associations goes to some few decades,the bridegroom is part of our extended family. So the excitement in taking part in the wedding arrangements, shopping for things, meeting the members of wedding party that traveled from overseas, all was pretty heady.

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Last nite the celebrations finally ended, and we are all happy. But there was a major setback. When the couple were arriving at the reception areas, to be greeting by a nice welcoming music, we had a shock of our life. The Police came over and snatched away the equipment for the sound system etc and sternly denied permission to play any kind of music in the hall. This was the worst dampener that can happen in a celebrating atmosphere. What is a wedding reception without a dance and kids having fun?

It is understood that the general denial of permission is for the oncoming New Year festivities planned by many organisation. But that does not justify the cancellation of music playing at wedding celebrations. What they could have imposed was restricting the hours for music blaring out and that would have been tolerable.

This is pretty unfair on the couple , and for a long time this incident could cause a shadow . I hope the Police will exempt the wedding celebrations form such restrictions.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Watching movies

In our family we have a habit of following all major festivals with a movie , the same day, next day ...

In keeping with that tradition, we continued our celbration of holiday season with "Don 2". All you guys who do not favour Shah Rukh Khan , can stop reading .:-). We are totally biased towards Shah Rukh and Amri Khan. We may not like their movies, but we have to decide how the movie is, We will not go by any one's verdict.

We also read all the reviews, collect opinions and then watch the movie. At the theatre, we will be trying to prove critics wrong, and prove friends right ( those who favoured the movie). All in all we have a good time.

And so you know the next sentence. We did like the movie. :-)

Cheerful Christmas Day

Today seem to be having some magical spell in it.Entire day was spent in lovely anticipation of near and dears coming over for dinner, the preparation of it and the decoration of the house. Throughout the day , the telephones were ringing, bringing wishes from many friends and relatives. A perfect day it seems.

I had revived this blog today, making it a point to share my emotions on hearing the Carol " O Holy Night". And the tune is still ringing in my ears, the night is magical today too.

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To top it all, there was a greeting call from a long lost friend too. The forging of the familiar ties, and the eagerness of the response from our family to their family, asking about each one's health and happiness... It was magical indeed.

Thanks you Christmas season, you made my day, and year!. It is nice to cement old ties and, start anew, the friendship spirit is glowing right now all over. Let us revive our friendships and spread cheer all around.

Complements of the season.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Carols

It is Chirstmas time. All over the world people are singing hyms, carols . I am sure whatever I write today will be superfluous.

As I was lying in bed , on 24th evening, just before getting ready to go to the midnight celebrations, I was struck with a longing to hear this Carol" O holy night". Music has no religion nor language. You only have to feel it with your heart and, it touches your soul!

I also wanted to know who it was, who wrote the lyrics, and composed the divine music. The song was haunting me for some hours. With Google's help, I found what I was looking for and also stumbled upon this site.

This is it. It made my day. Afterwards, when I heard the Church choir , sing the hymn, I felt how badly they were singing!.

There are carols and carols, but for me this is the best. O holy night Performed by Celtic Woman.

Courtesy Google

Friday, December 23, 2011

Cows and confusion

When one finds an article about fresh milk , it is not something new or we did not know about it.But ,from USA , it is amusing indeed. is extolling the virtues of fresh milk. And that made me laugh out loud.

Hey, in this part of the world this is what our Gouds,paalkarar and others are doing for centuries. And after the advent of packed milk on polythene, we forgot the cows and buffaloes and shunted them out of city limits, and are still shunting them out!

All because ,we wanted commerce, efficiency and no-pain no-stain no-stink milk at door step. we forgot the morning walk required for going to the milk man and wait for some minutes, chit-chat and be grateful to the Buffalo/cow. We forgot how to be vigilant and see that the milkman does not add water to the milk , before he measured out the frothy liquid. We forgot how the can would be warm to hold, and the coffee would smell like heaven and taste like one!

(courtesy Google)

(courtsey The Hindu)

Now , back to the article, and the knowledge it imparts. So what do we do now? Ape the practice and bring back our fresh milk vendors? Feel mighty good that our forefathers knew what was good life , and our civilisation was far superior? Confused.