Monday, December 26, 2011

Watching movies

In our family we have a habit of following all major festivals with a movie , the same day, next day ...

In keeping with that tradition, we continued our celbration of holiday season with "Don 2". All you guys who do not favour Shah Rukh Khan , can stop reading .:-). We are totally biased towards Shah Rukh and Amri Khan. We may not like their movies, but we have to decide how the movie is, We will not go by any one's verdict.

We also read all the reviews, collect opinions and then watch the movie. At the theatre, we will be trying to prove critics wrong, and prove friends right ( those who favoured the movie). All in all we have a good time.

And so you know the next sentence. We did like the movie. :-)


  1. Good to hear that you and your family are interested in movies. Nice post.

  2. really interesting... i 2 liked to read reviews if am interested in dat movie.. i 2 like SRK...

    thanks 4 dropping by my blog... it really means a lot to me...

  3. I like the family coming together on celebratios, being together and going for movies.
    Thats the way to live TOGETHER

  4. Urmiji,

    it's lovely to blog again and get interactive with you. Please feel free to comment on my posts.
    and thanks.

  5. Kalaiselvi,

    That is a nice name and loved it.
    Welcome and thanks for coming over to my blog. It is nice to know people out there with common interests.

  6. Welcome to my blog Mr.Nsiyer,

    Ncie to know that there are some topics , which are evoking the kind of feelings that I share. Liked your blog and write up. I need to read it through.


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