Monday, December 26, 2011

Cheerful Christmas Day

Today seem to be having some magical spell in it.Entire day was spent in lovely anticipation of near and dears coming over for dinner, the preparation of it and the decoration of the house. Throughout the day , the telephones were ringing, bringing wishes from many friends and relatives. A perfect day it seems.

I had revived this blog today, making it a point to share my emotions on hearing the Carol " O Holy Night". And the tune is still ringing in my ears, the night is magical today too.

(courtesy Google)

To top it all, there was a greeting call from a long lost friend too. The forging of the familiar ties, and the eagerness of the response from our family to their family, asking about each one's health and happiness... It was magical indeed.

Thanks you Christmas season, you made my day, and year!. It is nice to cement old ties and, start anew, the friendship spirit is glowing right now all over. Let us revive our friendships and spread cheer all around.

Complements of the season.

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