Thursday, March 03, 2011

Banned drugs

"March 1: Banned drugs that are harmful to adults and kids are still widely available in the medical shops in the city. Even 20 days after the ban came into effect, the drugs, which have been proved to have dangerous side-effects, are still sold and this correspondent managed to purchase several banned drugs from medical shops in the city.

The ministry of health and family welfare on February 10, prohibited the manufacture, sale and distribution of the “cough and cold” drug phenylpropanalamine that causes stroke, the analgesic anti-inflammatory drug Nimesulide for children below 12 years which damages the liver, Cisaspride that gives rise to cardiac problems and other drug formulations, with immediate effect.

A gazette notification was issued in this regard by the Centre and all states. Reacting to this, the State Drug Control Administration has issued instructions to all drugs inspectors and assistants in the state to ensure the recall of the drugs on February 21. The State Drug Control Administration has claimed that they have recalled `12.88 crore worth of the banned drug formulations in the state till now.

The drugs are, however, still available in the market as many medical shops haven't stopped their sales and distributors haven't recalled them in several areas of the city. Nimesulide, which is often described as the “dirtiest drug” in the market for its damaging side-effects on the liver, is still available for kids."

This the news in Deccan chronicle today.

Sad , but how do the public realise some drugs are banned.?
Why can’t the shops be made to display the list of banned drugs ?

What is your take on this?