Saturday, August 20, 2011

A writer I admire Ramachandra Guha

Please read this , by my favourite writer Ramachandra Guha.

I know there is a doubt on people's mind that I comment on other blogs, using my page. Yes, I do. I get inspired by some blogs,and I want to add my thoughts to it. Sometimes, I have this grandeur idea of wiritng a big text, and then I end up with trivia.I can't write too much on others blogs.:-)
Very often, when I get to a topic of interest to me, the comments section is already closed,or I am unable to comment on that site due to my limited internet knowledge.

Anyway , I cant help it. I have to draw attention to topics I feel about:-).

Ramachandra Guha is a writer I admire. I feel that in Public life, the highest post held by a person is of immense importance. In cricket , which is as much emotional for Indians, the person who holds a post should be one with some exposure to the game. We see very often, or all the time, sports being administered by guys from Political arena, wielding their clout. Why is there no protest form public on these appointments? Public need to demand that "one man One post" concept for sports, so that it is free other influences apart from sports.

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