Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pet Peeve of the Day (2)

Commenting on blogs that I like is an important part of my blogging experience. I feel one has to appreciate other blogger's point of view. Sometimes one has to differ with their views too. So, I comment seriously on many blogs, and enjoy doing it. Most of the bloggers acknowledge it and some don't. I also welcome more comments on my blog. It helps to improve my blogging skills.

If you are posting frequent comments , I am sure you would have come across problems in word verification. One has to use all one's viewing skills to see what the word verification really says. I came across similar views on this interesting blog recently.

She says:
//On another very troubling subject, I am very very upset at what Blogger has done now with Word Verification. I cannot read the gobbly-goop they are now using. I have never used WORD VERIFICATION on my blog --and have had NO TROUBLE. Blogger has a great spam-filter...

To tell you the truth, I have enough trouble getting to all of my commenters' blogs ---and now, with the new Word Verification, I just cannot do it. If you choose to continue to use Word Verification on your blog, I will probably quit leaving comments. I just cannot do it... Sorry!!

My good friend, Theresa (Texwisgirl) wrote an excellent post last night about this... IF you want more information, please read her post (click HERE)... OR ---if you need help getting rid of the Word Verification, contact me ( and I'll help you. Thanks so much!!!//

In case you want to try these out, do so and please leave a comment about your views.


  1. Thanks for republishing what I wrote in my blog. Taking time to 'try' to read the words in the Word Verification is just too much. I have from 50-75 comments each time I publish a post. I want to visit those people since they visited me. BUT--I don't have time if it takes me an extra 10 minutes or so trying to figure out what the messed up words are that Blogger is using. It's much worse this past week than it has ever been... I truly don't understand why Blogger is making it impossible to read the words... SO FRUSTRATING.


    1. Welcome to my blog Betsy, Sorry I did not have time to ask you before linking your page. I am sure lots of bloggers here will benefit form your experience.

      Thank you,

  2. I probably have stopped using word verification,But then the spam do come all the time and I wat to turn it on.. its a tough choice to make

  3. It is. But I feel tired using the word verification again and again, in case I want to use WordPress. Moreover some of the alphabets are not even clear. It takes the mazaa out of commenting.

    Once again, I like your blog and the photographs very much. I cant visit all the places, but atleast see their pictures through blogs!


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