Monday, February 20, 2012

Road rage-neighbour

Road rage is the in thing nowadays. I know to call it in-thing is not right. But,I see it all over the roads. In Hyderabad, the traffic is world famous, with no regard for red lights, or safety of other users. Jiske jee me aya vaise chalayenghe. Sab chalta hai. Poor traffic police guys, they do try to challan, for helmets, for light jumping, but how much they can do?

The more the cars, the more the cab drivers, the more the upstart owners of flashy cars, the more “marad” label on the sleeves-guys , show–offs who wants to show who the boss is ,( only on the road,) who are always wanting to be first ( go ahead first ), the more the headache for law abiding road users.

This is not limited to roads alone. The show-off driving can be taken to any extreme. While driving a scooter , guys will press accelerator, and whatever else to show they can speed, they can whrrrrroooom and they are the boss! Imagine them own a car:Itt is headache-time for all around.

Why? I do not understand, God, they have to show off to others, at others’ peril?

This page was in draft for the last two days, as I wanted my reaction to settle down before publishing.

We live in a cul-de sac, with only 4 bungalows on the road. The other side is a big wall. It is a serene road, and a pleasant one. Sadly, for the past year or so, we have a neighbour, who is not, simply , not, for this neighbourhood. He is loud in everyway, his wife will be screaming at her kid, the kid will be screaming at the maids,his co-players , his mother,all on the calm road .

The guys’s car will blare music even when it is parked, and worst of all , his use of horn is hysterical. When he makes a U turn into our lane ( all quiet lanes) his horn will announce his arrival minutes before. He needs to announce his homecoming in whatever style, at whatever time of the day/night, however late, thus disturbing the people who might be asleep.

To top it all, he takes the car in reverse every day with a maximum speed , without horn! He does not care who is in front of him. He will reverse, and he hit one of our workers, mixing cement on the road side , sending him running for his life, and throwing his tools in the air. We were all stunned to speak, he simply accelerated and was out of our colony in a jiffy.
What was appalling, he did not wait to see , whether the worker was hurt, whether he needs to apologise to us( his close neighbours). We were almost boiling with anger and wanted to seek redressal. When he showed up on the road next morning, my husband had to confront him , and all he said was a gruff” Ok, Sorry”. That‘s all.

Needless to say, he continues, honking and reversing in high speed.

Last evening, once again, he did that , and in the bargain, he simply bull-dozed our scooter parked, near our gate, away from the road. Eye witness say, he simply sped away, and after thought came back to keep the scooter back on the stand, and sped away again.

The eye witnesses called my husband, who was shocked to see the scooter damaged! As usual a lot of time went in calming ourselves down, and getting our BP normal, after which I went ahead and called his wife. She was apologetic, “ I will tell him” that is all she said. Does she not know her husband drives like a maniac? He does it always!

So far the maniac driver has not appeared to apologise. Why would he, he does it as a matter of routine, so he wouldn’t be sorry!
What we did to deserve such idiotic human being, educated, rich, uncouth , person in a decent neighbourhood?. Why is he like that?

I am peeved, I prayed to God to give me peace from this guy.


  1. Hyderabad used to be one of my favorite places in India ... not anymore :( I even dedicated a post on it

  2. Welcome to my pages!
    Yeah, the problems have multiplied. Traffic and pollution is all over India.Every city people have grouse against road rage!

    Hyd. is still livable , or , we are immune to its irritants.:-)

    BTW, that guys is from some other small town!(consolation).

  3. I also believe the guys are from a small town where thy had their way.

    1. In this person's case it is true.
      I think, generally, road rage is linked to anger within,

  4. Hi Pattu,
    More than your anger i like your description of your neighbour's wayward ways.The unfortunate thing is that you can't wish away the smugness of your neighbours.I think there is no redemption other than bearing with it.

  5. Anonymous2:59 AM

    Well I thought that road rage and bad driving were confined to New Zealand, where we have probably the worst drivers in the world. However, your neighbour seems to be breaking all the rules, not only road rules by good neighbour rules as well.

  6. Anonymous2:59 AM

    Well I thought that road rage and bad driving were confined to New Zealand, where we have probably the worst drivers in the world. However, your neighbour seems to be breaking all the rules, not only road rules by good neighbour rules as well.

  7. i lived in Hyderabad for a year (2003-2004) and was totally amazed at the traffic - i mean what you said is so right -there actually is no traffic rules - can drive as we like!!
    and your neighbor - it's too bad. maniacal indeed.

  8. Yeah, It is stressful driving in Hyd.

    If you follow the rules, that is.
    Otherwise it is free for all.
    And guys in Bangalore grumble about traffic!!

  9. It's all due to the angst that we keep within ourselves. Angst due to failures at work, not being able to voice your opionion/vent your anger on domestic problems/spouse, problems with the boss at work - so it's all pent up and no chance to release. Out it comes - on the ROAD against a total stranger.

  10. I agree in most cases. It is taking it out on someone else, then dont they need to seek counselling. They wont. In India, that is not done.
    In my neighbour's case, I see a pampered brat turned into a man, who needs to have things the way he wants. He has a bad reputation too!

    The way he is bringing up that son of his, is another sad example. He is getting spoiled rotten.

  11. Hi, welcome to my blog Judith,

    I am so happy you stopped by and commented.
    I loved your profile and want to rad more.

    Hope we interact more and I gain so much , from your wisdom and affection.


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