Friday, April 20, 2012

River Ganga , again in news- 2

I had posted in January 2012 about our sacred River Ganga here.

Once again, I see another article published in this lovely page from Gobar Times. I would like to keep harping about cleaning this rivers. And hope readers will bear with me.

Just wonder whether the river will  flow,  in its formal glory in my life time?


  1. Revitalising our rivers is something that we are doing here in Australia at the present time. The Murray River between Victoria and New South Wales is a long, majestic river that has been mismanaged for many decades. I realise that we are still lucky compared to some other parts fo the world where widespread pollution and poisoning of the river systems has reached extreme proportions.

  2. I am surprised that a young country like Australia too , had rivers mis-management.However, the citizens of your country are by and large, more aware of such hazards, and do take up issues.

    But , being a country with thousands of years of civilisations, our rivers, have been exploited to max.extent. And given the colonial hold we had for decades, we are yet to get out and learn awareness.

    I am hopeful we will get there eventually, if the rivers are still around:-)

  3. read ur other post. nice to know someone is concerned about the problem and at least writing about it.

  4. Debajyoti,
    I know, by me writing it , things may not happen, but it reaches out to people.
    I am sure all those millions living around the river , might be offering the polluted water to Sun God daily and wishing, some one will clean it. They may not have the voice or wherewithal to put ti forward.

    All the pollution, is in the minds of those who can do something and are not willing yet.

  5. Useful post..:-) Nice blog,glad to join you..:-)

  6. I too hope your wish comes true.

  7. Thanks KayEm , welcome here.


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